Experience an exclusive, powerful suite that empowers your people, enables operational efficiency and brings an entire world of experts, informaton and direct accessibility to the answers and knowledge you need.

Whenever and wherever you need them

Keep your entire technical team well informed and working at their peak expertise and productivity with ORACLE from Becht. From instruction and easy-to-use online access, to responsive solutions fromn experienced SMEs, to the most pressing questions, they'll work more confidently and proficiently.

"We Solve Problems"

The unlimited engineering knowledge access and capture platform that delivers greater organizational performance and productivity

Becht is there for you day-one with support wherever the need arises. The ORACLE program includes:

An on-site launch event to introduce the power of ORACLE to your team

An implementation and traning sesion ensuring maximum value from ORACLE's vast resources

Monthly activity statement and "problems solved" report

A yearly review and analysis session with the Becht ORACLE team

A dedicated "Evergreen" library of expert opinions curated specifically to your needs and circumstances

Easy to use web-based conectivity to The Knowledge-on-Demand Network

Free Knowledge-on-Demand Network IT support for your engineering team

Easy-search FAQ library of topic-related subjects launching 2020

ORACLE features

The Knowledge-on-Demand Network™

With the Knowledge-on-Demand Network from Becht, your company will experience benefits of an in-house virtual Central Engineering Group. Acessible in a variety of media formats and available 24-7-365, it's the ideal resource to complement your existing internal capabilities.

The Knowledge-on-Demand from Becht advantages:

A virtually inexhaustible library of information best practices and answers to all your questions

Direct connection to SME consultants with extensive plant industry code expertise and understanding

Data and information that provides you with clear, actionable practical solutions

A single, on-demand resourse to augment the on-site technical expertise and experience of your company